5 Tips For The Dream Home Cinema Room

Cinema surround sound systems and home cinema projectors are relatively commonplace these days, but in order to give your home cinema room that real wow factor, you need to go the extra mile. Here are our tips for making your home cinema room the envy of all your friends.


    1. Black out blinds. Most rooms have windows, but ambient light and cinema projectors are mortal enemies. Even small amounts of light leakage will have a detrimental effect on your movie viewing experience. Standard domestic blinds just won’t cut it for cinema rooms. Black out blinds are generally coated to prevent light passing through them. In addition, side profiles will prevent any light leaking around the edges. If you choose electric blinds, these can be integrated into your control system so that when the cinema switches on, the lights go out automatically.


    1. Automation Cinema systems will invariably involve a lot of separate components, each having its own remote control. Simple universal remote control systems such as those offered by Logitech will offer a partial solution to this problem. However, more advanced solutions will enable a whole host of new possibilities. Cinemas are generally dark, so a backlit touchscreen is a real benefit. Also, professionally programmed systems such as those offered by Crestron or Control4 will allow you to control much more than just your electronics. These advanced control processors will also close your blinds, turn lights on and off and much more besides. Through the use of playlists, you can even add trailers or a personal message to the euff beginning of your movie.


    1. Lighting There are a vast array of lighting options available today. LED strips and colour changers can be very effectively used to set the scene for your movie night. Used in conjunction with a programmable lighting controller, they can transform your home cinema experience. You can set lighting scenes for the beginning or end of a movie, or when used with a system controller, have the lights raise slightly when the movie is paused.


    1. Seating High quality cinema seating can make a real difference to a home cinema room. Offering exceptional levels of comfort, they can add a new level of authenticity to the home cinema. With a vast array of fabrics and leather finishes, the choices available means there are options for every budget.


  1. Media Players A home cinema can now have more choice of entertainment than even the biggest multiplex cinema. Services such as Lovefilm, Netflix and Apple TV enable you to pick from literally thousands of movies. You can enjoy movie marathons of your favourite actors and actresses, without having to change disc once.


Doing so will ensure that all your components are connected and set up to perform at their best. Home cinema installation companies will also have access to advanced lighting and control equipment not usually available to the public.