7 Simple World of Warcraft Gold Making Tips

Not having enough money is one of the most common refrains heard in Warcraft. It’s a fact of life that some players are just constantly broke. But you don’t have to be. We’ve put together this list of simple steps you can take to maximize your money-making prowess so you’ll never have to worry about having enough gold again.


Rule 1: Establish a goal

Rule 2: Choose your path

Rule 3: Bags

Rule 4: Save, don’t spend

Rule 5: Drops, not purchases*

Rule 6: Sell at the Auction House

Rule 7: Get a mount


The most essential part of your game-play experience in the free market Buy wow gold economy of WoW is to establish what it is you want to do with your gold. Are you into spending it on ingredients to make powerful weapons and armors? Do you want to pursue a profession that is costly and expensive? Or would you rather just save it as a cushion or for rainy day spending? Whatever it is, questions like these will help frame the kind of player you will become.

Establishing a goal is important, but you must always be conscious of this goal. Opportunities to buy shiny new items, weapons, trinkets, and whatever else will always come along. But keep your goal in mind. The more you stay focused, the easier it will be to get there.


There are lots of ways to make money in WoW. The players who are most successful at making money (no matter what their level) usually do so by perfecting a skill or profession. They don’t just chase any mob that comes along their path, they set out only after the mobs that make them money. Some players skin animals and sell the leather, others kill humanoids and make items from the cloths, etc.

The point is this: no matter what profession or skills you choose to pursue, you must focus on these to get the most value from them. Changing your strategy at some point along the road may be prudent, but constantly changing strategies for no reason is going to end up in frustration.

Keep your eye on the goal, master your chosen path, and you will make money much more quickly.


While you might be wondering why a section on bagging made its way into the guide, one of the most common complaints sung again and again in the gaming environment is this: “I’m out of space in my inventory!”

As a low level gamer, you will not be able to afford the bags you need immediately. Beginning characters start with five inventory slots they can put bags in. Each slot can hold a bag with a maximum of 18 slots, which means you can hold 18 items per bag. (Note: Hunters lose one or two slots depending on whether or not they wish to carry a quiver and ammo pouch.) Each player starts with a backpack with 16 item slots. Without help, a low level player might be lucky to afford a 6 slot bag at most aside from their backpacks. It is imperative to use your next best resource: the bank.

Each player has a separate inventory cache. The bank at each major city allows player to inventory items they might not yet want to carry on them. As a low level player, utilizing the bank will be essential until you can afford to buy higher capacity bags. You should focus any initial spending effort in the game on purchasing high capacity bags. As when you are out in the wilderness, it can be infinitely frustrating to find yourself out of room, and having to “leave the farm” in search of a vendor or auction house with which to dump your goods.

You can also use the mail system as a temporary storage facility. You can mail items to other players (and even yourself.) Whatever item you attach to the mail message will stay in the mailbox for 30 days. Though there is a small fee for mailing items, and it’s important to not forget about them, using the mail as a temporary storage facility is always an option.