Best Movie Download Services

We’ve all been to the movies and have rented our fair share of videos at our corner Blockbuster. Many of us have even rented flicks through the renowned Netflix, getting our DVD’s right through the mail. But, how many of us actually download our favorite films straight to our computers? Movie download services are revolutionizing the manner in which we obtain and enjoy our favorite movies. Base your movie download service decision on these key points:

Selection – If you’re paying for it, you might as well go with a site that gives you access to as many titles as possible. CinemaNow showcases all film genres, from action and foreign to indie and animated.
Download Platform – Go with a movie download service that simplifies the download process. Movie files are gigantic, and sites like Total Vid allow you to transfer data straight from their website. Others, like Movielink, provide special software to aid in the download process.
Pricing Plans – Popular music and movie download service iTunes allows you to download movies on an individual basis, while Total Vid lets members download unlimited movies from their film library for a low monthly subscription rate.živévysielanietvstaníc
Quality – As with any download, opt for a service that provides high-resolution movie files. The last thing you want is an indecipherable picture. iTunes and Total Vid both require certain video RAM and display resolutions to ensure a high-tech viewing experience.
Though convenient, movie download services surely have room to grow in popularity and prominence. One great feature offered by several services is the ability to burn film files to MP3 player or DVD. Not only do downloadable movies provide backup in case your hard copy of The Shining is scratched or lost, they’re cheaper in the long run.