Find Spectacular New Online Classified Ads and Auction Sites

Everybody knows about Craigslist, undeniably the internet’s most powerful and pervasive classified advertising site. In fact, tech analysts recently discovered that 97 of the top 100 classified advertising sites are local versions of Craigslist; it clearly dominates the market of online classified ads. Craigslist devotees maintain that anything and everything to sustain life and make it worth living appears on this constantly updated list of goods and services available at bargain prices. And, of course, Craigslist enjoys some well-earned notoriousness, too, because it has generated more than its share of headline-grabbing scandals from its tiny little advertisements and the trade frenzy that those generated.

But Craigslist is not the only show in town,  local classifieds  and Craig’s legendary listings do not always offer the greatest bargains, the best merchandise, or the most accurate information. Thinking beyond Craig and his classifieds, you will find several other truly trustworthy options for online classified ads, any of which may emerge as a Craigslist alternative one of these days.

· best of the Craigslist alternatives, focuses on local ads, typically showing goods and services offered by sellers and providers within fifty miles of your front door. With the emphasis on local advertising, you enjoy the luxury of actually seeing your merchandise and meeting the person who offers it for sale-no shipping and anxious crossing of fingers and toes. Most buyers and sellers describe as “perfectly functional,” and they agree that its greatest assets are its big items listings. In many markets, has become the go-to one-stop shopping source for houses and cars precisely because it is so perfectly functional.

· knew? With millions of listings and lots of beguiling bargains on upscale merchandise, lots of it authentically new with the tags still attached and everything, the classifieds could redeem MySpace from its somewhat sad standing as “the other” social networking site, the one that’s a ghost town. You can search millions of ads from all around the universe, or you can exercise your option to shop locally. And, if you get bored, you always can visit that old page you haven’t seen since you switched to Facebook.

· users concede that is a sophisticated knock-off of Craigslist, but its imitative features make it easy to navigate, and it meets all the standards for “extremely readable”-you know, good fonts and intelligent text, stuff you don’t find just anywhere. If you’re selling, you may post local ads at no cost, and you pay just a small fee for listing your quality stuff in multiple cities.

Of course, just as Craigslist dominates the world of online classified ads and no effective Craigslist alternatives have emerged till date, e-Bay still rules the world of online auctions. But e-Bay, too, has some powerful upstart rivals. For example,, everybody’s first destination for deep discounts on all things designer, has launched an auction site. The auctions look, feel, and work a lot like functions on e-Bay without all the add-ons and pay-extra hoopla. Because they have no frills, the classified ad auctions cost loess; and, because it is, you will find a lot of high-quality merchandise at extremely tantalizing prices.

For classified ad auctions with a heart and for bargains in support of a very good cause, go to, the online auction site sponsored by Goodwill Industries. Naturally, the trade frenzy at ShopGoodwill site shows the best among items people have donated; and, just as you see at Goodwill stores, some of this exquisite merchandise is selling at prices so inexpensive you would feel guilty if you did not buy it. Best of all, your purchases through classified ad auctions on may be tax deductible.


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