How To Jumpstart Your Mortgage Referral Business Using Social Media

Staying in touch with clients has been a priority for mortgage professionals since long term the dark ages of marketing, when the name of the game was a personalized calendar in the mail each year in the fleeting hope that it would find a place on the refrigerators of America. Of course, there were holiday cards as well, and the occasional mailer when mortgage rates plummeted, but contact was sporadic at best and the importance of staying in touch often got lost in the press of day-to-day business.

Marketing has moved on in a big way and it is no secret that much of that movement has been in the online direction, especially in blogging and social media.

For many in the lending industry, even for those who readily acknowledge the importance of the internet, the prospect of getting involved can be daunting. First, there is the technical side of things. How does it get set up? How is it maintained?

Then there are the two key issues of consistency and content. It can be all too easy to start a blog, but all too difficult to keep it up on a regular basis. How do you create fresh content that connects with clients? And what about social media? Which platform works best for your market? What kind of presence gets results? How does your blog connect to social media, to your website and to the rest of your business?

In an ideal world, an online strategy should be part of an overall marketing plan and, in order to work, it should be filled with useful content that appears on a regular basis. That can be a tall order.

The bad news is that a poorly executed online strategy can be worse than no presence at all. The good news is that a valuable and effective online presence can be achieved without tears, and without taking it on as a new part-time job, by automating the process.

With an automated system that integrates into your entire strategy, you can enhance your professional image, expand your sphere of influence and, when it is done right, generate not only referrals but a great deal of good will and professional credibility. An automated approach does not require technical expertise or vast commitments of time. In fact, it takes away the burden of managing an increasingly critical marketing component, freeing you to focus on the things you do best.

This is an approach that works 24-7, 365 days of the year, whether you are in the office or not.

And it is just the thing for anyone who would love two weeks at the beach without having to keep a constant eye on business back home. Even in the mortgage business, that can be more than a daydream with the right system in place.

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