Hunter Leveling Guide – How to Level Your Hunter Faster

Hunters are among the elite class of leveling gods in WoW. The Hunters are the gods of leveling for 2 reasons: their pets and their superb soloing capabilities. In this Hunter leveling guide, you will find out some of the things that could help you blast your way to the leveling cap.

First thing first, the Hunters are the only class in World of Warcraft that can skip as much as 10 level’s worth of training and grinding. Whereas most classes will have to spend a few hours grinding their way to their succeeding levels, the Hunters could easily breeze through them. Their leveling speeds are crazy, compliments of their capacity to dish out some really powerful and consistent DPS. They can, in fact, hold their own without relying on any special gears, except of course their weapons. They need weapons that can help them stand against their opponents.

{Best Path For Leveling}
All three talent trees available to this class are good for leveling although the fastest route remains to the Beast Mastery tree. Considered to be the route to roll for leveling Hunters, the Beast Mastery’s uptime is only constrained by the Hunter’s pet’s health. Not surprising is the fact that this tree, on its first tier alone, obviously pours its attention on enhancing the pet, not the hunter although of course there are a few buffs that can add to the abilities of the master. This tree eventually creates a war machine that has the capacity to obliterate multiple targets at once.

It is good to note, however, that the tree doesn’t revolve primarily around how much damage the pet could dish out. Instead, the talents here are designed so the Hunter’s pet could hold as much aggro as its stats can handle, making it a very reliable and durable tank.

{Talents To Pick Up For Faster Leveling}
At the first tier of Beast Mastery, you will immediately encounter the Aspect of the Hawk. You see, while Druids and Warlocks can call on their pets, only the Hunters can achieve a high level of affinity with the creatures of Azeroth, allowing the class to maximizing the full potential of pet minions. In fact, the Hunters alone have the capacity to give their pets a name, to tame and train them, and earn points and use these to enhance their pet’s talents. Not to mention, they are the only class that has at their disposal, more than 30 species of pets to choose from and some 150 different appearances of their pets to play with.

{Overwhelmed with your options yet}?
As a Hunter goes deep into the Beast Mastery talent tree, they could also access some very exotic WoW pets.

The succeeding talents you should pick include Focused Fire, Unleashed Fury, Intimidation, Bestial Discipline, Frenzy, Bestial Wrath and finally the Beast Within. All these are aimed at turning your pet into a killing machine, enabling it to target and kill off opponents even before they have time to react. Some these also enhance survivability which could come in really handy when you’re faced with enemies impossible for you to defeat.

You can always go for the other other trees aside from the Beast Mastery. But understand that this Hunter leveling guide sees the Beast Mastery talent tree as the ideal tree for leveling hunters.