Machinery Moves: Planning for Success

Why plan ahead?

Your machinery moving requirements could cover a single machine or a whole production line – either for re-installation at existing premises, or relocation to new ones. Ideally, planning should start months ahead of the actual scheduled machinery removal date. Among other things, this would allow time to:

• Liaise with those who could provide a useful input into the move, from the operators who work with the machines on a daily basis to relevant department managers.

• Put any necessary changes into place. For example, considering how you would continue to meet the demand for your products through the moving period. Perhaps you need to consider carrying extra stock, or laying on extra shifts to increase stock reserves in advance. Industrial relocation factor and moving company 

The benefits of experience

When you work with experienced machinery movers, consider calling on their expertise at an early stage. Their knowledge could help you save money by showing you how to approach the move in a more cost effective way. They could also help to save you time. For example, if there is a need to coordinate a number of contractors in the moving process, machinery movers could undertake this for you.

What else can be planned in advance?

There are other matters to consider in the planning stage of machinery removal. For example, deciding when to carry out:

• Any machine cleaning that needs to be done

• The meticulous match marking that is vital for a trouble-free reinstallation

• Labelling and grouping of specialist tooling.

There is also the new location to be checked. Are all the services in place ready for the equipment movers to relocate the machine? Is the chosen location suitable for the plant in every aspect?

Other useful tips

• If you are moving a whole production line or a complete production facility, getting it right first time is particularly important, as there is usually very little scope for adjustments after the first machine has been moved. Good planning is a crucial part of the process to ensure everything has been considered, and risks minimised. Experienced equipment movers should be able to advise you more on this.

• If you are relocating to a new factory, plan to store your buffer stock there, rather than at the old factory so you don’t have to move it again.

• Hold regular meetings to keep everyone up to date and to enable them to contribute.

What if you are moving equipment abroad?

There are different issues if the equipment is being relocated abroad. For example, different packing is needed for containerisation for the trip and the machine must be strapped down effectively to allow for a sea voyage that may not always be smooth. This would usually all be sorted by the professional equipment movers.

Plan early

With so much to take into account, the message is, start the planning process earlier than you might think – and talk to professional machinery movers to help put in place a schedule for a safe, efficient and timely equipment move.