Marketing to the State Security Agency – A Case Study

DPC Technologies was launched in 1988 and by 1993 was a supplier of large performance data technological innovation products and solutions for the National Protection Agency. At that time one involving DPC’s founders created and implemented the aggressive plan in order to increase the industry’s footprint in the NSA. The goal was to become the trusted, reliable supplier in all major groups at the NSA and boost DPC’s standing as a prime contractor.

After researching Security Freiburg regarding the NSA, a number associated with conclusions were arrived at:

NSA was a well funded technical leader within the Cleverness Community.
NSA required the IT plus IA services and products DPC offered.
High limitations to entry (clearances, security, tight technological specifications) created a great opportunity for DPC.
The NSA purchasing patterns included opportunity for small business.
Strategic Strategy

The proper plan included 8-10 steps:

Research plus be familiar with needs in addition to buying patterns associated with the program elements of the agency in addition to Maryland Procurement Firm.
Unconditionally fulfill just about all commitments (never “walk away” from some sort of problem).
Utilize typically the most effective contract vehicles.
Hire skilled, effective sales plus support personnel of which had the correct clearances and access to program components.
Build an effective hiring organization that could present personnel to satisfy NO-STRINGS-ATTACHED specifications.
Strengthen human relationships with key perfect contractors.
Proactively look for out new business opportunities as remedies for agency requirements.
Revise the strategy to meet current conditions.
Performance Outcomes

The plan made immediate and important results. Revenue and even profits doubled annually during the time period 1994-98 and DPC became a well known and well known supplier in the major categories of NSA. In addition, DPC established itself as being an important partner and teaming member for the Ground Breaker Job.

The Path to be able to Ground Breaker

During the 1990’s NSA determined that no mission critical THIS efforts may be better managed through outsourcing techniques. Since the non-mission critical IT needs of NSA have been huge, Ground Breaker became a key effort. A fundamental element of typically the NSA Ground Breaker strategy was the use of the NSA existing talent swimming pool of IT specialists already employed simply by the agency.

While a first step, NSA introduced the “Soft Landing” strategy in order to utilize present NSA IT expertise through commercial outsourcing vehicles. The Soft Landing concept allowed existing NSA THAT personnel the potential to leave the particular agency and re-enter as a shortened employee. Since most NSA employees acquired a the least 30 years experience with NSA and government service, employee benefits started to be an import factor in the bid evaluation of bids with regard to Soft Landing tasks.

Soft Landing

There were an overall total regarding seven Soft Clinching awards and enormous prime contractors won the first two (DPC did not primarily bid) DPC won the following four possibilities to become a known contractor for this hard work. DPC’s strategy was to bid each Soft Landing RFP based upon a new tailored benefit software in addition to competitive prices. DPC furthermore invested in assistance personnel to simplicity the transition in order to the commercial entire world for the new employees. Word pass on on the list of prospective NSA employees that DPC was an interesting Soft Landing Builder.

Interim Contracts

There were other, classic contracts that DPC won in partnership with major leading contractors and, by simply the end associated with 1998, DPC seemed to be considered a valuable team mate regarding the Ground Breaker effort by a number of prime contractors.

Purchase to Northrop Grumman and the Bald eagle Alliance

In 1999, DPC was distributed to Northrop Grumman Corporation. An essential part with the purchase was the settlement by DPC associated with over $1m throughout retention bonuses intended for key DPC staff. These individuals had been instrumental in the winning method for the particular Eagle Alliance holding as a car for the granted Ground Breaker contract.

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