Online Classified Ads – Advantages Offered Over Newspaper Classifieds

If you haven’t heard already, online classified ads are all the rage with all kinds of advertisers today, ranging from large, established corporations to individuals looking to sell used goods. The staggering increase in the popularity and use of this tool has managed to capture everyone’s attention and consider adopting it as a tool to enhance their marketing strategy. This in turn has led to the creation of several such websites that allow advertisers of all sorts to place their adverts.

Classified ads are not new and have existed in  local classifieds   newspaper columns for decades. So, why all the fuss, you might be wondering. Well, the there are several reasons why online classified ads today are upstaging their print counterparts. Read on to find out all about the main reasons:

Newspaper classifieds have long been known for their to-the-point text that often includes short forms to save space, ending with succinctly provided contact information. This was and continues to be the case primarily because the cost of the advert is entirely dependent on the number of words used and the resulting amount of space occupied. In an attempt to reach out to customers without spending too much, advertisers force themselves to create ads that represent the bare bones.

Online classified ads, on the other hand are often very cheap or even virtually free of cost allowing the advertiser to make the most of the opportunity and come up with creative and detailed ads that capture instant attention. Many of these online classified ad websites are also providing advertisers the opportunity to upload a picture to go with their text matter to create even more appealing adverts. This factor alone has managed to attract millions of users eager to make use of this tool.

: In the past when newspapers were the only available option, the print industry had a great future to look forward to with growth rates soaring each year. Today however, the trend is one of dropping subscriptions resulting in relatively smaller audiences. While many people might be content with this, the question does occur: “Why should I pay as much for a smaller audience when I can pay nothing and reach out to a larger (possibly global) market?”

None of us needs statistics to understand the fact that the internet is fast becoming the main media through which people find solutions to all their needs from shopping and research to buying and selling. For that reason alone, it provides us with the largest reach possible which is truly rewarding considering the minimal investment (cost) involved. This, where businesses are concerned, translates to a larger potential market and higher sales volume.

Surveys and statistics available show that the response garnered by online classified ads is phenomenal by any standard. Here’s a rational reason why: people buy newspapers primarily for the news they contain. There’s no guarantee that all newspaper subscribers/readers take time to go through the classified ads. However online classified ad websites only deal with classified ads so all the people that browse through are those that are on the lookout for something. When they find what they’re looking for, they respond immediately.

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