Residential House Cleaning Check List

HOUSE CLEANING LIST is a residential area type guide which can be use on a regular base as a weekly checklist for house cleaning.

The list will ensures that all areas are being done as showed to the clients during the initial sale.

As a good business idea, always explain that the house cleaning schedule can be very easily changed to meet all their cleaning needs which normally depend on their total amount of residential traffic or usage.

It only takes some common business sense to explain for each client that you are honestly trying hard to be flexible and that not every house cleaning list change will result in a change in the house cleaning rates.

Experience will prove that it is best to set prices of house cleaning services based on time and effort each location takes to ensure all client receives a very good and top quality house cleaning job.

Most people do have a few pet peeves when it comes to residential cleaning. They will definitely want much deeper cleaning then just a little clutter picking up for their homes.

Some people will want their residents serviced on a weekly base and some will want a bi-weekly schedule with hopes of a little savings. The one main problem with a bi-weekly schedule is it does take longer and more effort to clean on this time line.

Residential places are harder or require more  Castle Cleaners – House Cleaning Services in Leaugue City TX detailed cleaning then a small business office. It is this more details that takes a longer time but commonly does not pay more per location.

The lower pay rate per spent time can be attributed to a larger amount of house cleaning companies. Many people try to startup a small home occupation business because house cleaning supplies are cheap or already on hand.

Here is a Residential-checklist with detailed steps of each area to be cleaned. This list can be used for apartments or house cleaning.



BATHROOMS are one of the areas which many busy home owners gladly pay to have maintained

KITCHEN – Expeditiously cleaning a kitchen by proceeding in steps is the best way to get this area done.

DINING ROOMS is easiest to start off doing a quick pickup followed with a though dusting and vacuuming.

LIVING ROOMS – Just dust and polish any furniture including entertainment centers and end tables then vacuum.

BEDROOMS are cleaned by first doing a quick pickup dust and vacuum plus finish with cleaning any stains.


Window cleaning can be included if they are the newer fold in type which wont take much time.

Entrances always include removing all finger prints from the doors.

Hallways and stairs should include cleaning the walls if needed.

Exits are like entrances and should include cleaning off all finger prints.

Garages should be vacuumed to prevent tracking in any dirt.

Porches and decks just get a good sweeping and dusting if needed.

Sun rooms should be vacuumed and dusted for spider webs.