The Business Side Of Catering And Its Expenses

With any business, starting a catering business requires money. Aspiring caterers have to make such a large financial investment they would need collateral to get started. Putting up your home or any expensive piece of real estate is a financial risk but it also brings in the opportunity to become financial free. Before you make sure a great sacrifice always remember never to put up what you can’t afford to lose.

So what kind of investment required to start a catering business? If you have a little saving or help from a few family members or an old car that you no longer drive you can get this amount of money quite easily. You can start a catering business for about $2000. I guess you wonder what would $2000 get you first is your licensing, start-up supplies and equipment. Call your local courthouse and find out which agency in your state is in charge of regulating catering licenses like an LLC. With your business licenses you should also be able to get a tax ID number. You will also need a license for liquor if you plan on serving alcoholic beverages as well as a food handler’s permit for you and your employees. Other expenses you need to consider are advertising, supplies, equipment and transportation all of this really depends on how large or small of a business you intent on having. Be creative when it comes to advertising traditional advertising cost around $500 to $1000 to start. Don’t forget to try the internet and other forms of advertising to cut some of your cost. One of the most important 開餐廳流程 things to remember is that you have enough money to live on until you get your business off the ground. It does take a while to turn a profit in any business so I suggest that you figure out your monthly cost and average at least 6 months to a year of living expenses. This might change the initial start-up cost but this is very important and it will keep your stress levels downs and help you to not cut too many corners to save money because you need to live.

Owning a business means wearing a lot of hats like managing people, preparing taxes, doing payroll, marketing/sales/advertising, bill collector and secretarial work. The business side includes responding to emails, website maintenance, bookkeeping, scheduling and other office duties. You do all the business work yourself or you can choose to hire some of these tasks. You can also hire someone to work for you as your employee or you can hire a company that do out sourcing work. If any you really want to focus on anything you must focus on the sales aspect of the business. This is the most important part because this part of the business is what’s going to bring you in clients. It is a must that you are a people person when you are in the services industry. Being a great communicator, able to get alone with all types of personality it a positive ability to have. You must understand and expect your client’s needs and also have the knowledge and ability to fulfill them. Remember that in this business communication is the key.

If you are not confidence in your knowledge to run a successful catering business there are things that you can do to help you to prepare yourself better. Talk to others in the industry find someone that’s in another state and speak with them about the ins and out of their business. It’s best to speak with someone out-of-state, they will speak to you more freely because you are not competing with them locally. If you want to speak with someone locally it’s OK if they are not in the same industry they deal with the same responsibility and task that any other business deals with. A degree from Harvard is not need to own a catering business, but it is a great ideal to take a few courses in services management to help you or your business.